Friday, February 6, 2015

Dog Gift: Ice Cream Dogs

Originally released March 16, 2013.

This gift was inspired by a mint chocolate chip ice cream dog and people loved my Ice Cream Cats so I thought I'd make more ice cream pets!  All 6 are based off of Baskin Robbin's flavors.

I got lazy with shaping them, so to make it interesting I use the premade breed shapes with curly tails.  Kooky is a Wild 'n Reckless Sherbet Chow Chow.  Kooky is a synonym for "reckless."

Albion is a Strawberry Lemonade Punch Tibetan Mastiff.  Albion is a flavor of ice cream.

Rocky is a Rocky Road Akita.

Fanella is a Very Berry Strawberry Alaskan Malamute.  Fanella is a variety of strawberry.

Corsican is a Mint Chocolate Chip Irish Terrier.  Corsican is a type of mint and he's the only repeating flavor from the Ice Cream Cats gift.

Flossie is a Cotton Candy American Eskimo.  Another name for cotton candy is cotton floss so that's where her name came from.

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