Request a Cat

I'm currently not taking requests at the moment!!  Sorry!


  • Okay, for those of you who maybe can't play Sims or just have a bunch of awesome ideas floating around your head, please submit ideas in the comments section below that you'd like me to take into consideration.
  • First off, please look at the cat requests and gifts that have already been uploaded before requesting a cat. And if you find one that looks similar to what you're looking for, don't ask me to make you one that's just a little bit different. Download the cat that looks similar and change its looks YOURSELF.
  • Please be specific with your ideas. Don't just say, "a cat with white and blue." Instead, say "a cat with white and blue on its feet, a striped blue and white tail, and orange polka dots on its body" or something like that.  This helps me tremendously.
  • Realize that it does not mean that I will make that cat, it's just a good way to share your ideas with me.  So comment below if you have any ideas, and I will take the ones I like into consideration.
  • If I don't use your idea, please don't be offended.  There's almost always a logical reason behind it. So don't bother me about it. I don't want to hear your whining or begging. Also, there's sometimes a very slight chance that I may change my mind about an idea.  Don't be alarmed. It's always because I found a reason (again, a very plausible reason) why (plus I'm quite indecisive). So don't feel bad.
  • The main reason why I will not use your idea is because your idea might be similar to a cat that is already available for download.  I don't want a million cats that all look the same.


  1. Hello !
    (I apologize in advance if my English is bad, I'm French.)
    First, I love cats and I love what you do.
    I love to have my two little cats in my family Simself.
    As one of both is all black, it's very simple. In contrast the other is a female tiger on behalf of Spica.
    Can you create Spica for me, please?
    This is it: and
    Thank you.


    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I'm not taking any requests at the moment but I will be sure to keep you request in mind!