Saturday, February 14, 2015

Custom Poses: Valentine's Day 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!  

I made some poses yesterday for the first time in a long time.  A lot of you loved them so I decided to upload them as a really quick Valentine's gift!  Keep in mind that they were for personal use so they're not perfect! 

These are non poselist compatible (sorry!).  Full pose names are listed below each set of poses.  I would have put the full name on the pictures but some were too long and didn't fit well.

It's also recommended that you use shorter haired cats for these poses otherwise there will be a lot of clipping and they may not look right.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cat Request: Catchem

Catchem was requested by freedominobsession who wanted a kitty based off of a pokeball.

His name is a mix of Ash Ketchum's name and "gotta catch 'em all."

Cat Request: Pudge Oats

Pudge Oats was requested by cleffaklefki who wanted a super pastelly cat with a smooshed nose.

She's basically like a female version of Opalus!

Cat Request: Kyubey

Kyubey was requested by slamdunktheteapotchild who wanted my to make Kyubey from Madoka.  Of course, I couldn't make the body shape accurately but I tried to make everything else best I could!

Cat Request: Princess

Princess was requested by pooklet who wanted a pink princess kitty with teal/light blue accents, and lots of fluff.  

I even gave her a little bow!

Cat Request: Lily

Requested by animefreak989.  I hope you like her!  :)

I love how she turned out because she's so simple.  My friends kept telling her during my live stream when I made her that sometimes simple is better.  I tend to make everything very complicated, as you can probably tell from some of my pets.  :P

Dog Request: Belle

Belle was requested by purple-plumbobs who wanted me to maker her dog in real life!  A picture of Belle in real life is provided below. Isn't she adorable?  

Dog Request: Van Tardis

Van Tardis (named by my live stream viewers) was requested by seriously-sims who wanted a TARDIS dog.  I couldn't figure out a good way to make a dog look like a TARDIS so I chose to do the painting featured in the "Vincent and the Doctor" episode of Doctor Who instead.  I have this poster hanging in my dorm room so I had a nice life size reference. 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dog Gift: Forest Animal Dogs

Originally released May 14, 2014.

A collaboration gift with Amber.  I made Barney, Faline, and Stripes.  Amber made Bonnet, Foxxy, and Alvin.

Dog Gift: Easter 2014

Originally released April 18, 2014

Another collab gift with Amber!  She made Easton and Esther and I made Omelette and Benedict.

Dog Gift: Ice Cream Dogs

Originally released March 16, 2013.

This gift was inspired by a mint chocolate chip ice cream dog and people loved my Ice Cream Cats so I thought I'd make more ice cream pets!  All 6 are based off of Baskin Robbin's flavors.

Dog Gift: Cat Dogs

Originally released February 10, 2013.

Another collab gift between Amber and I.  Amber made Chase and Savannah and I made Frost Bite.  They all have pink eyes!

Dog Gift: Super Hero Dogs

Originally released February 3, 2013.

Me and Amber's first collab gift for Pawsitively Adorable Puppies!  She gave me permission to post her dogs on the gifts we collaborated on.

Dog Gift: Spectrum

Originally released January 22, 2013.

Someone wanted a dog like my kitty Reflection so Spectrum was born!

Dog Gift: Yoshi

Originally release January 18, 2013.

This was my very first dog gift for Pawsitively Adorable Puppies!

Dog Request: Gogh

A very recent dog (made last night).  My first dog request in a while.  :P  Requested by pluckyplumbobs who wanted a fluffy pit bull based off of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Dog Request: Violet and Rose

Originally released February 9, 2013.

Even though I made them a while ago, I still remember that I kind of got lazy with them s they're super simple.  But they're still cute, right?

Dog Request: Bruno

Originally released January 22, 2013.

Okay, his left side is really messed up but I made him so long ago and I didn't feel like editing him.  Sorry.  ._.

Dog Request: Ashura

Originally released January 12, 2013.

She and Asahi go together.  ^_^

Dog Request: Asahi

Originally released January 12, 2013

I actually really love this dog!  He was requested by the same person who requested Ashura so they're a matching set.

Dog Request: Keikilani

Originally release January 12, 2013.

I'm working on reuploading my dog from Pawsitively Adorable Puppies and moving them to this blog instead.  So far I've just done the dog requests (there are only 6 of them total).  

Sunday, February 1, 2015