Okay, people tend to ask me a lot of questions that are very similar and as much as I'd love to reply to all of them, it can be very difficult. So I'm going to add FAQs to this list. If anyone asks me a question that is on this list, I will refer them to this.

1) Do you use any custom fur markings?

I do not use any custom fur patterns. I feel that if I did, it would be more inconvenient for people to download my cats.  Only the Pets Expansion Pack is needed.

2) Where can I download _________?
Check the tags on each post.  They can help you find what you're looking for.  

Or, for example, if you saw the name of the cat from the Facebook Page, just search the name in the blog's search bar.  

I'm in the process of putting up a CATalog so hopefully that'll help make searching a little easier.

3) Do you use poses?

No. I do not use any poses. I'll be honest, I used one for a photo of Grumpy Cat and one for Reflection 2.0 (both on my Facebook page), but none of the pictures on this blog use poses (the Grumpy cat post was a gift from a friend of mine).

4) How do I download your cats?

  • Each post has a download link that will take you to a mediafire download (I haven't had an issue with mediafire but if you do, let me know and I can maybe put up a mirror).  
  • The download is a .7z file consisting of a .simfile and a .sim3pack (if you don't know how to open .7z files, click here or google it).  
  • Now that you have the two files, you only need to choose one or the other.  You do not need to have both.  I include both because some people prefer one over the other.  
  • To install a .sim3pack, just double click on it to install it.  
  • To install the .simfile, put it into your saved sims folder (my documents > electronics arts > sims 3 > saved sims).  
  • Once you have done those steps (depending on which file you choose to install, you should be able to find the cats in the pre-made sim bin in Create-a-Sim.  
  • Let me know if you have any troubles and I will try to help!


  1. I put them in saved sims file but they wont show up in the game .

  2. Hmmm, check to make sure you 1) extracted them from the zip file, 2) put the simfiles in the saved sim folder, not the sim3packs (s3packs can be double clicked and downloaded via the launcher), 3) regardless of which method you choose, they should chose up in the pre-made sim bin in CAS.

    Sorry this is late! I hope you were able to figure out your problem!


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