Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cat Gift: Solar System Cats Part 1

I felt inspired this weekend and made the first part of a solar system themed group of cats.  All cats were based off of pictures I found on the NASA website.  More info about each cat below!  

Sunstar was based off of this image, which is why he looks a little different from the view of the sun we see here on Earth.

I LOVE grey and white cats!  He was based off of this photo.

Venus turned out more plain than I thought she was but oh well, she's still pretty!!  She was based off of this image.

He's my favorite!  I wanted to wrap the continents around his entire body but it didn't really work out so I just put them on one side and plastered some clouds on the other side. I just used a map I googled as a reference.

And lastly, Mars!  He looks a little weird but those spots on him are craters.  I used this photo as a reference.


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