Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cat Gifts: Color Palette Cats - Part 2

This is part two of my color palette cats series and my early holiday present to you all.  This time around I used winter themed color palettes, since it's already snowing!!!

Barnes' name came from the color palette I based him off of.  There's a barn in the picture so... yeah.  I'm super original.  xD

I absolutely adore the name Holli (partly because it rhymes with my name, which is Molly).  Holli was based off of this winter-themed color palette.

I made Winter Rose before I made Neva (not knowing that Neva would literally be a bunch of roses) and I totally would have switched their names but I had already edited the pictures and didn't want to redo it.  Anyway, Neva was based off this winter-themed color palette.  

I think Caribou is the cutest name ever.  :D  Even though Caribou is a bit plain, I love his color scheme!  His fur colors were based off of this winter-themed color palette.

Winter Rose was based off of this winter-themed color palette.  She looks like a fluffy patchwork quilt!

Also!  Please donate to Hayley's GoFundMe so she can get the a new wheelchair!  She is almost halfway to her goal!

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