Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cat Gift: Weather Cats

Introducing weather cats!  Thunder represents lightning/thunderstorm, Raine represents rain, and Blizzard represents snow.

I tried something different with the eyes this time around (on Thunder and Raine).  Usually I just do one color (like with Blizzard) and if I do do two or more colors, it matches the fur.  But this time made different colors because they look good together, not because of the fur color.  Most like the way human eyes are colored, I suppose.

Darn it, I just noticed the ugly discoloring on the lower left corner of Thunder's picture.  Ugh... oh well.  It's not too noticeable anyway.

Raine did not turn out how I had originally wanted her to.  Originally I wanted really thin lines for the rain, but unfortunately I was not able to do that.  So instead of cool looking rain, I gave her average looking rain and made the fur under it look cool.  Regardless, I'm happy with how she turned out.

Blizzard is just adorable with those fluffy white paws and bright blue eyes.  :D

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  1. OMG- I LOVE them all! TY for creating and sharing! <3


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