Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cat Gift: Color Palette Cats Part 1

Color palette cats!  I think they're all so pretty!  I took all the color palettes from Swatchery (I'll link exact posts under the pictures of each cat).

I tried to make him look like ocean waves.  It was super easy to make him because I basically just used the same fur patch (the striped one).

I got the name Evanthe from one of the names from the color palette I used to make her since it sounded cute and it wasn't a name that I had used before.

Ugh, I messed up editing the side/top view pictures for both Evanthe and Tye-Dye so that's why there's that faint black line on the left side of their pictures.  Oh well.  :P

Also, I do realize Tye Dye is not spelled that way but that's how Swatchery spelled it and I thought Tye-Dye was cuter than Tie-Dye.  ^_^

I think he turned out adorably!  Especially those eyes!  *_*

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